Tortoise Credit Strategies

Tortoise Credit Strategies, a registered investment adviser focused on fixed income strategies, is led by Brad Beman, a seasoned leader with nearly three decades of investment management experience across the credit spectrum.

  • People

    The highly experienced senior investment team averages more than 30 years of investment experience 

    1. Supported by seasoned sector specialists and
      in-house credit analysts
    2. Fixed income investing since 1984
    3. Team members have managed fixed income assets through multiple economic and financial cycles
  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy is rooted in an investment decision process refined over many economic and financial cycles 

    1. Our emphasis on liquidity enables us to position portfolios in anticipation of market cycles
    2. Our philosophy has shown resiliency in times of market stress
  • Process

    Our top-down, repeatable investment process has been refined over decades of market and economic cycles 

    1. Emphasizes top-down macro views, business fundamentals, bottom-up credit analysis as well as a disciplined focus on managing risk
    2. Integrated with a bottom-up security selection discipline through in-depth credit analysis to develop industry weightings and identify bottom-up opportunities
  • Performance

    Long-term performance goal 

    1. Our goal is to produce competitive risk-adjusted returns exceeding the benchmark over multiple market cycles, primarily through security selection and sector rotation
    2. Successfully navigated inflection years of 2008 and 2014

Firm Overview

  • Assets
    $4.1 billion under management as of
    Dec. 31, 2017 
  • Locations
    Los Angeles
    New York
    Kansas City
  • Founded (predecessor)

*Date of Bradford & Marzec founding. Tortoise Credit Strategies was founded in 2015. Tortoise Credit Strategies, along with key Bradford & Marzec employees acquired Bradford & Marzec through Tortoise-sponsored management buy-out in June 2016.