Tortoise Credit Strategies

Tortoise Credit Strategies

Tortoise Credit Strategies, LLC, part of the Tortoise Investments family, recently acquired Bradford & Marzec, LLC along with key Bradford & Marzec employees through a Tortoise-supported management buy-out. Bradford & Marzec, a specialized fixed income boutique, was founded in 1984 and has a 32-year track record in fixed income investing. 

We named our firm Tortoise because it describes how we invest. We are persistent. We are dependable. We are resilient.

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About Tortoise Credit Strategies

Tortoise Credit Strategies, a registered investment adviser focused on fixed income strategies, is led by Brad Beman, a seasoned leader with nearly three decades of investment management experience across the credit spectrum.

The team's investment philosophy is deeply rooted in an investment decision process refined over many economic and financial cycles, which emphasizes top-down macro views, business fundamentals, bottom-up credit analysis as well as a disciplined focus on managing risk.





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